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Our values

Dialogue and transparency

All our customers, partners and colleagues are treated with due respect and we accept their individual and cultural differences.

Transparency gives us credibility as a Company to our customers, which involves being able to explain what we do and how we do it.

We have an internal Code of Conduct aimed at establishing a common conduct framework, which applies to all employees of Prinsatex Group.

We are committed to people and environment

We are a Company committed to the preservation of our environment and people’s future.

We are focused on complying with the sustainable development goals.

In Sedatex, we have measures in place to protect biodiversity and reduce our impact on water consumption and we are continuously seeking innovative processes that ensure a responsible and sustainable use.

We work to achieve a more sustainable fashion future.


We are a Company aimed at delivering efficiency and effectiveness in all our work.

We try to find more effective and innovative solutions and we adapt ourselves to our customers’ resources.

We prioritise creativity and design to stand out from other companies.

Our goals

We, in the Sedatex Group, firmly believe that the Company is part of the social and economic development of its nearer community and that’s why we promote advocacy campaigns for different social welfare activities in favour of people at risk of social exclusion through donations and programmes that are an integral part of our company culture by trying to involve all employees.


  • We undertake to promote and respect the fundamental human rights recognized by the international community and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We positively influence the community through social actions that have a direct impact on improving people’s personal and social life.

The active involvement of the Company and workers is essential for Sedatex to achieve the set goals.

Sustainable development goals

Sedatex Community

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility team we promote staff involvement in fundraising activities that have a direct impact on social well-being as part of the sustainable development goals set.

To this end, we are seeking key partners for alliances such as foundations and associations that can help us to achieve our goals with their experience and are part of a local network that have a potentially positive impact.

Magic Line, Sant Joan de Déu: Fabrics donations

Run for a cause, Entreculturas: Broadcasting and involvement

Solidary flea market: Fundraising

Fabrics donation

Knitting our future

We understand that since we are living in a global world we have an impact on our nearer environment which also affects other far away places, that’s why we,in Sedatex, have a project to support Latin American communities basedon textile education as a tool to improve the lives of women at social risk.

The Project called Knitting our future works with the NGO Entreculturas and it is based on support of vocational training centres to improve the quality of educational programs in the textile industry to ensure a better entry into the labour market, mainly for women in rural areas. In recent years the project has been lunched in areas of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina and has adapted to target people’s needs and their reality and it covers several processes in textile: from updating creativity and design to sewing and pattern-making.

One of the key points of the company is that its employees involve and take part in this project in a Corporate Volunteer Trip that promotes the transfer of knowledge to the schools that are being supported. The trip creates special bonds with the target communities, making Sedatex employees learn, know and be aware of other social realities.


we care

the product

In Sedatex our work aims at ensuring that our fabrics are environmentally friendly and respectful with the social context, the workers who produce them throughout the value chain and also with the communities where the activities are carried out.

We believe that traceability and transparency throughout the value chain are the key to ensure the value chain is ethical and in accordance with our principles.

Such is our conviction, that our goal is that 100% of our fabrics come from socially responsible and eco-friendly options. For this we are incorporating new articles with sustainable fibers at the same time that we evolve our articles of always towards their more eco-responsible version.

An example of this commitment is the development of a circular economy system to provide a solution to textile waste, giving it a new value.

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we care

the environment

We want to play an active part in making the textile industry more environmentally friendly. We are focused on reducing the environmental impact in our production centres, especially in those where wet processes are carried out, in addition to fight against the industry’s opacity by implementing trade policies that require transparency and traceability.

At group level, this year we will start the Strategic Plan for Sustainability 2021-2026, that will set the strategies and the plan of action to be followed for the achievement of our goals.

It is worth noting that, thanks to the production verticality (from yarn to garment), we put a great deal of effort into the study of Life Cycle Assessment of our products, by seeking socially, environmentally and economically feasible solutions for waste, mainly, but not exclusively, for textile waste generated by our activities